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Garden Irrigation SystemOne of the biggest hassles, once you’ve successfully completed your landscaping project in Adelaide, is maintaining and watering those plants and vegetation. We’ve seen many cases where people have invested thousands into their landscaping projects, only to call us back several months later to uproot dead plants or re-do the flowering.

If you’re facing such a dilemma then here is a solution for you. Save yourself the time and money and get proper automatic sprinkler systems installed at your property. Between manual and automatic watering, we always recommend the automatic option as it’ll not only save you time but also money.

That’s right, when you manually water your garden you’re spending more on your water bill. Getting a sprinkler system installed that is properly timed to start at key timings throughout the day will allow your plants to get the water they need, when they need it most.

At Premier Landscaping X, we use a variety of different irrigation technologies that can either be connected to the main water supply or to a water tank. Our team has over 10 years of experience working on Garden Irrigation Systems Projects across Adelaide. From residential backyard projects to commercial projects for schools and child cares.

When it comes to properly irrigating your landscape, there are two common methods of going about it – sprinkler systems and dripline irrigation systems.

Sprinkler Systems

Probably one of the most commonly known irrigation methods is the classic above ground sprinkler system that automatically starts and stops at specific timings. These can be pop up or fixed solutions that can be zoned to specific timings and locations, they are usually connected directly to the water supply because they require a steady pressure of water to effectively run.

Dripline Irrigation System

Dripline irrigation systems in Adelaide are installed underground, beneath the mulch and are a great option for keeping lawns well hydrated throughout the summer. One of the main advantages of getting a dripline irrigation system is that it consumes less water due to less water evaporation.

Types of Garden Irrigation Systems Adelaide

There are two types of irrigation systems that both have pros and cons – manual and automatic. The manual system involves you having to activate the irrigation system are separate intervals of the day, you also have the option to set up mechanical timing but this mode of irrigation is highly tedious and can lead to additional water bills.

The other is an automatic system that does exactly that, it runs on it’s own and can get preset to activate and deactivate based on time of day, specific zones only and amount of pressure. This is our preferred option for those that want a longer lasting solution that is easier to manage.

With Premier Landscaping X, you’re in good hands, our team of highly experienced irrigation specialists are here to set up the entire system for your project. We can help plan, supply and install the entire system based on your exact specifications, whether you need systems for large scale commercial projects or just your backyard, we’re here for you.

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