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Paving is a popular choice for landscaping in Richmond, giving a refined look to outdoor areas and gardens. For example, having concrete pavers laid for your driveway instead of regular concrete is a simple way to improve the aesthetic of your home. However, your paved area is only as good as your pavers – rushed or sloppy work can have the most elegant materials looking terrible.

It is important that you hire someone with experience who can rise to the occasion and complete the job to perfection. Luckily, our team of pavers are up to the task!

We provide a range of paving services for your Richmond home or business, ensuring that the paved areas around your property are one of the best assets. Whether it’s your driveway, verandah, patio, pool area, garden path, or any other outdoor space, we can devise and execute a design that will serve you well for years to come.

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Perfect your landscape with our Richmond pavers

Paving RichmondWe work with a range of pavers: clay pavers, concrete pavers, block pavers, bricks, slate, stonework and more. We source all of our materials from other local Adelaide and South Australian suppliers, allowing us to ensure their quality and do our part to support local business. This also means that we don’t have to wait long for your supplies to arrive and our pavers can get started sooner.

We can stick with simple, functional paving for your landscape or we can go a bit further and fabricate a more complex design. Whatever you want, we can ensure that your landscaping is perfectly suited to your needs. We use 3D modelling to create a mock-up before we start working, allowing you to see exactly how your pavers will turn out when done.

If you aren’t quite sure what type of paving you would like, our landscape experts can help recommend a design and materials that will complement your garden and building.

Why go with our pavers?

There’s a few reasons why we’re the first place Richmond residents go for their paving needs:

  • We aim to offer the best price for our services, ensuring that our quality pavers are available to everyone in the suburb of Richmond.
  • We only hire the best. Our builders and landscapers have decades of experience in the field, are on time and always professional.
  • We use only the best materials in your garden and outdoor areas, sourced right here in South Australia.

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Richmond landscaping services

We’re the full-service landscaping service Richmond customers trust. With over sixty years of combined experience in the construction and landscaping industry, you can trust that we have the expertise and skill to deliver the best results on your next project.

We provide a number of landscaping services, including:

We can also combine our services: for example, if you are putting a new pool, our team can take care of the paved areas and mandatory fencing. Or if you are putting in a pergola, we can add a paved floor to complete the space. Our comprehensive services allow us to give you the best possible quotes and finish for your property.

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