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If you need Pool Fencing in Adelaide, you’ve come to the right place! For high-quality pool fencing that is incorporated and accommodated into your current landscaping design, Landscaping Adelaide are the experts you need.

We have a variety of pool fencing types to suit any home and style: frameless glass pool fencing, semi-frameless glass pool fencing, stainless steel — the list goes on. Though we specialise in glass pool fencing adelaide, we are familiar with the design and installation of a number of fences. Whatever aesthetic you are going for, we can help enhance your outdoor pool space.

We are a South Australian owned business dedicated to bringing you the best pool fence Adelaide has to offer.

Why do I need Pool Fencing Adelaide?

As dictated by South Australian law, you need to enclose your pool with a barrier to prevent young children from wandering and accidentally falling in. Otherwise, you will not be able to fill your pool or use it and will be saddled with a hefty fine from local authorities for not complying.

Basically? You need a fence around your pool. No ifs or buts. There is also a laundry list of requirements you will need to follow to ensure that your fence meets guidelines.

All that being said, that doesn’t mean that your fencing can’t be a beautiful addition to your home! If you want to find out how we can turn a drab pool area into a safe and stylish design, get in contact with our specialists today!

Whether you have just installed a pool and need new fencing or your current fencing isn’t quite up to code, we can help make sure that your fencing is up to scratch and is fabulous to look at too!

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Glass Pool Fencing Adelaide

Glass pool fencing is one of our more popular designs and can bring a touch of elegance to any pool area. The ultimate in contemporary pool design, our glass fencing uses only high-quality stainless steel components and is an affordable way to add some class to your home.

The glass is also extremely practical, as you can watch children or others in the pool from the comfort of an alfresco or other outdoor area. It also makes your outdoor space seem far larger, as it does not cut across it or obscure your view.

We provide a variety of affordable high quality Adelaide glass fencing solutions, including:

  • Frameless glass pool fencing
  • Semi frameless glass pool fencing
  • Glass fence

We can create a mockup of your pool area with our 3D modelling technology and show you exactly what each type of fence will look like, helping you to choose which one is right for your home.

Installation is quick and simple, so you can go back to enjoying your pool in no time!

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Get the Best Pool Fence in Adelaide

If you are in need of a pool fence, glass or otherwise, we are the best in terms of quality, price and service. Our pool fence technicians are experienced in the design and installation of a variety of pool fences and will be able to supply you with a pool fence that will last for summers to come.

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