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Retaining Walls Adelaide – We do Installation Your Dream Wall

Retaining walls bring a new life to any landscaping project. But if done correctly under the right team that is. At Landscape Deluxe, we’re a complete end to end landscaping service that specialise in retaining walls adelaide. Our team of skilled and talented experts will help plan, design and construct your entire dream wall. If you’ve already got an idea about exactly what you’re looking for then we can help bring your idea to fruition.

Our team has worked on domestic and commercial projects across Adelaide. All we need is 2-metre access to your space and we’re good to go. Taking your ideas and style to mind, we’ll put together a complete plan, design and help you decide the perfect style of rock that matches your current landscape or budget.

With our retaining walls Installation, you can take your landscaping project to the next level. We help integrate our designs with your current landscape, making sure everything fits. We take pride in our workmanship and providing clients with the highest quality of work.

Professional Advice in Installation With Council

As per Adelaide regulations, we can build up to 4.9 metres high without needing council approval. Although, if your projects demands greater height then we can help you get approval from your local council. Our detailed plans and blueprints will help push your case and get approved for a legal project.

We use a variety of different rocks and sizes to make every retaining wall unique. Whether you’re looking for flat surface stones for a more modern look or rugged stones for that natural feel, we can build your wall. Our supplies are sourced locally and we can help supply so you can build it yourself or we can do the entire build for you.

Retaining Walls Adelaide Applications We Can Build

Unlike other retaining wall builders, we can help you with many applications. Below are just some of the common retaining walls that we’ve built for our clients over the years:

  • Stone Walls
  • Limestone Walls
  • Rock Walls
  • Timber Walls
  • Sandstone Blocks
  • Sleeper Retaining Wall
  • Engineered Retaining Walls
  • Panel & Post Systems
  • We even do retaining wall repairs

Common Questions We Get For Retaining Walls Adelaide Projects

Do I need a Planning Permit?

In most cases you won’t need a planning permit for building a retaining wall. However if you have a heritage overlay or an Environmental Significance Overlay with a schedule of tree control then you may want to get in touch with your council to be sure.

Do I need engineering for a building permit?

Any retaining walls that require a building permit will need to get engineering. If you’re building higher than 1 metre or near site boundaries where there is any risk of damaging surrounding properties then you’ll need engineering done. Good thing is that we can help you with this entire process.

Do I need a Registered Building Practitioner?

All works valued above $5,000 must be built by a Registered Building Practitioner. This is for your own safety and to make sure the build is completed as per building regulations and by qualified builders who are properly insured.

Do I need Drainage?

It is standard practice to build proper drainage for all retaining walls. This is because water can build up and cause wreckage which can be a serious safety hazard. Good thing is that if you’re going with us, we set this up as per council requirements.

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