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Vertical Gardens Adelaide

Want to keep your home insulated in addition to enhancing the value of your home? Then get vertical gardens installed on the walls, fences or trellises in your property. They not only increase the value of your property but also add an extra layer of insulation when you get it installed on the wall facing the sun. This keeps your home 10 degrees cooler on hot days. Ultimately, it reduces the cost of electricity bills in cooling and heating your home in the summer and winter days.

Vertical Gardens Adelaide

Vertical gardens are one of the most popular designs in the gardening field to update the look of your property. These gardens grow vertically and can be installed on walls, trellises, posts, and fences anywhere in the front yard, backyard, patio, deck, balcony, and even indoors.

You can experience the beauty of nature with these garden or flower walls. These decorative gardens can be attached to walls or can be left freestanding. Adding these flower gardens will transform your plain fence or wall to a very attractive and eye-catching feature of your home. We can also transform your colorbond fence to a vertical garden.

These are perfect for your office and are the best replacement for potted plants because vertical gardens provide you with space and require low maintenance, unlike potted plants. Nowadays these are in trend because of its beautiful look and numerous benefits.

Benefits of Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens AdelaideThese beautiful gardens act as natural air filters and help improve the air quality of the surroundings creating a pure, clean and refreshing environment for everyone. They also protect your home from temperature changes, UV radiation and heavy rain. We can also create edible vertical gardens for you so that you can grow your own fruits and vegetables. Garden walls can also be suitable for small and low lighted spaces. More benefits of vertical gardens are:

  • Can be installed easily and to any height for easy access.
  • Require low maintenance.
  • Will be treated to withstand severe weather conditions.
  • Doesn’t require digging in the ground.
  • It’s weed-free and soil-free.
  • Gives you a feeling of being in privacy and security.

Vertical Garden Installation Adelaide

Eddie Landscaping is a trustworthy and professional company specialized in designing, installing, and maintaining vertical gardens in Adelaide. Our team of experts can assist you in identifying the areas of your home or professional space benefiting from a vertical garden. We can also help you in determining the design of a vertical garden or the type of plants to be used in it.

Eddie Landscaping can create customised vertical gardens to suit your lifestyle, budget, your home, and your desires. We also extend the gardens vertically or horizontally so that it can apt any space. We make sure that every plant is watered by a proper irrigation system. You will have complete control over the type of plants and soil to be used.

Investing in vertical gardens will give you a value for money experience all the time. They look amazing and being a living feature they flourish over time as they grow. These gardens take care of themselves because of automated irrigation hence require low maintenance. We recommend you to provide maintenance services to your garden for at least four times a year. We are always available to help you out when you need us.

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